HR administration and Payroll

Accounting, financial and tax reporting legislation is continuously changing in Serbia. It is increasingly difficult to stay up to date. Our accountants help you meet the statutory requirements and prepare accounts and financial reports for your internal needs.
In addition to maintaining and updating accounting records, we prepare statutory income and VAT tax returns and submit them to the tax authorities.

We help our clients achieve HR operating cost savings, total workforce cost savings, and workforce performance and business improvements. Our HR Administration services can help organizations reduce HR operating expenses by 20 to 30 percent through the standardization, centralization and automation of key services.

Beyond reducing HR operating costs OMS Group has also achieved reductions of 4 to 6 percent of overall workforce costs.

Workforce & data administration

There is no need for you to perform routine tasks. But you need a trusted partner to stay compliant.

We set up, maintain and update employee files according to labour legislation and your internal regulations. At the same time, we maintain and update employee records in the HR Management System.

We make sure that your company stays compliant with labour legislation and requirements, whether you hire new employees, promote them to new positions or when they leave your business.

Practical application of labour legislation can be tricky. We learnt it hard way. You do not have to. Labour legislation is complex and open to varied interpretations. What matters then is a practical application of regulations to real-life business situations. You will benefit from our hands-on experience to avoid pitfalls and complexities of the legislation.


We stay up to date with changes in the payroll legislation, including social security contributions and personal income taxes. With OMS Group, your payroll will be performed in an efficient manner and your legal and compliance risks will be reduced.

When outsourcing your payroll calculations you need someone you can entrust with everything.

We understand the need to be flexible and responsive to the last-minute changes or requirements to set up a new wage type. It is simply a reflection of your organisation's business needs. So we just do it at no extra cost.

We assign to you a dedicated payroll specialist and a payroll manager, and they are your direct contacts at OMS Group as long as you stay with us. We review our performance together with customers on a regular basis to make sure that they are happy with our services and our relationship.

The standard scope of our payroll services is as follows:

Depending on your needs, we can perform additional payroll processing services customised for your company.


OMS Group provides integrated benefits administration. We provide our client employees and managers with a seamless view of key processes and service management.

On-line HR portal

We offer Payroll Outsourcing services combined with Online HR Portal. With Online HR Portal, collecting, processing and maintaining HR and Payroll data is simplified and you have an online access 24/7 to your data.