Our Philosophy

Driven by Success

At OMS Group, we believe that successful businesses are built and maintained by focusing on activities that generate revenue. Our mission is to enable our clients to focus on those activities by providing them with a full-service outsourced accounting, HR and IT departments to handle everything from daily bookkeeping, HR and IT tasks to weekly, monthly and annual activities.

Driven by People

OMS Group dedicates a team of professionals to each client, including a daily operation, an accounting, software specialist, HR expert and a controller. Our clients quickly develop productive working relationships with their team members, who are accessible by email, online chat, and phone to receive information, answer questions, and take care of any urgent issues that arise during the business day.

Driven by Need

Business owners and management personnel need timely and accurate data in order to make informed business decisions. OMS Group has developed and standardized processes and procedures to capture business activity and design reports that provide our clients with this data as needed. Once the type and frequency of reports needed for a client is determined, OMS Group delivers these reports on time, every time.

The controller supervises the development and implementation of OMS Group policies and procedures for your business model, the coordination of systems to expedite the flow of information to and from the accounting or HR departments, and the preparation of monthly and annual internal financial reports.