Why Outsourcing

Outsourcing Is Cost Effective

Employing a bookkeeper, HR or IT specialist in-house can be expensive. That cost is not just comprised of salary, but the other direct costs such as employer payroll taxes, worker's compensation, medical insurance, and other benefits. Additionally, there are employee vacation and sick days to consider. And donít forget the time and expense involved to place classified ads, as well as interview, screen, test, and train an employee. Our fees to provide superior service to your company are quite competitive by comparison; we also provide flexibility in adjusting the level of service to meet the seasonal needs of your business.

Outsourcing Reduces Your Year-End Work and Fees

Since we maintain your general ledger and subsidiary schedules as part of the ongoing recording of data and preparation of documents, your year-end work can be significantly reduced. That translates into lower accounting fees and faster turnaround time in preparing tax reports and financial statements. OMS Group can provide tax preparation services for existing clients as needed. If you are in need of compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements, OMS Group will work with the professionals preparing these statements to minimize your accounting and auditing fees. (As your accounting department, OMS Group is not independent and so cannot conduct an audit of your financial statements.)

Outsourcing Investment

Each business is unique. OMS Group calculates a monthly fee for each prospective client by actually diagnosing the existing accounting files, followed by a conference call with the owners and management team to review the results of the diagnosis. During the call, OMS Group the prospect will explore the challenges and issues related to the accounting function to determine the scope of the work.

Complimentary Proposal

For a free, no-obligation proposal, please contact us. We will be glad to help show you the services you can get and the savings you can achieve by outsourcing your accounting department to Outsourcing Management Solutions Group.

Thank you for your interest in OMS Group. We become the accounting department for your business. We will develop policies and procedures to streamline your accounting process. This will increase the overall efficiency of your business operations. If you would like to receive additional information, please contact us.